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Hello Ivan here we are again, Our puppy Louie is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect into our new apartment since we moved in last week. He and Meeko, our previous dogs, just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending us such a wonderful puppy! Here are some cute pictures of him and please feel free to include us on your pages. You may also include our email for anyone who wanna talk to us.

Mariana Dias Gome


You guys are wonderful, I don't know how much joy you have added to my life. I love him so much! He is just wonderful and makes me so happy. Here is one of his pictures. The day before he was scheduled to sit for his holiday pictures, he rubbed all the hair off his face trying to retrieve a candy bar from underneath the cabinet. When we picked him up from the airport, we were so glad because they did great work in coordinating his travel, we couldn’t believe he came safely. with our permission you may add our contact number on your website as reference.

Tony D. Cote

Hello Ivan, Thought I’d send you a quick picture of Mario and tell you how we love this dog, my husband and I are more in love because of Mario. I take him to classes and he is so smart! I will send you pictures of ourselves next month when we shall have a family come together.

Melissa S. Brown

just wanted to send you pictures of the prettiest guy around, everybody loves him, personally cant get enough of him, thanks for all the advice you gave. He just cant stop running around, my home has been filled with joy since his arrival; looking forward to sending you more news of how he is doing.

Joseph N. Diederich

kiki is now a big girl, we have grown so fond of each other as time goes by. I still remember when she just got delivered. Was so little with her cute little bark. It always made me laugh. She has been the best and I am thinking of getting another from you.

Diana C. Thompson

Beagle Puppy Breeders Make Beautiful puppies. They work really hard on their puppies to make them look beautiful and healthy and they are all really caring people. I still enjoy my baby Carl I got from you. love you all!

Judith H Burnette

Aside from the puppy being so beautiful and having such an amazing temperament, Troy is so wonderful to work with. I had a million questions before paying my deposit and she answered every one of them! She kept me updated with pictures and info weekly while we were waiting. She also worked with us on getting a flight that worked for our needs when it came to getting Alphie delivered.

Joyce D Gonzales